Flexible clarity

Fluid solutions for software asset management
and IT utilization.

Remarkable insights

Full knowledge to make the best software
licensing and IT infrastructure decisions.

Unprecedented visibility

In-depth detail about your software usage,
networks and hardware.

Speed and security

Get started in minutes, scan devices in seconds
and generate meaningful reports in near-real time.

Eliminate uncertainty with Unified Logic.

Software Asset

IT Infrastructure

Personal Data

SEE IT DIFFERENTLY with Unified Logic

We provide enterprise IT with innovative data-driven asset management,
infrastructure and security solutions. Eliminate uncertainty and gain significant
advantages, only with Unified Logic.

Enterprise data is fluid.
Your IT solutions should be as well

Our philosophy is simple:

With big data comes extraordinary responsibility. When we founded Unified Logic, we decided from day one that our software and services would far exceed common standards of security. Data privacy is in our DNA

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